Winning Tower Group Holdings Limited ("the Group") aims to maintain the highest level of quality and hygiene for all its products and services whilst being innovative and keeping updated with current trends, technology and novel food products from around the world.


The Group has a mission to solidify our position as a well-established food processing company in Hong Kong by fully utilising our competitive strengths.


In 2004, Winning Tower Limited ("Winning Tower") was established by Mr. KW Lai with Ms. Li and others as strategic investors and commenced the business of processing and trading of raw food products in Hong Kong.  In 2005, Top Ocean and Ms. Ou invested in Winning Tower strategically.  In the same year, Winning Tower acquired Unit 803 at Riley House which is now our principal office and food factory.  In 2006,  Maxford Logistics was established by Winning Tower and Top Ocean to provide transportation services to Winning Tower and the Super Star Group.  In 2007, Winning Tower further expanded its food factory space by acquiring Unit 808 at Riley House. 

In 2012, Winning Tower expanded its food factory space again by acquiring Unit 1103 at Riley House. Mr. Yu strategically invested in Winning Tower in 2012. Management believed that the synergy created between Winning Tower and Mr. Yu would drive the business growth of Winning Tower. Jett Foods was established in October 2012 by Winning Tower, Mr. Timothy Ho, Mr. Yu and Mr. Eldon Lai to promote online sales of food products.  

In 2013 Winning Tower, Jett Foods and Grand Gold together established a new operation, Winning Star Foods Limited and operations expanded to include processing and trading of cooked food products in Hong Kong.  In 2015, food factory space was expanded again with the acquisition of Unit 1105 at Riley House. 

In 2017, Jett Foods was awarded with the Caring Company Award for 2016/2017 by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of our commitment in caring for the community, employees and the environment.


The management team consists of experienced senior executives in the sales, purchase, finance and administrative field. They all have extensive experience and relationships in the food industry.


Our goal is to solidify the Group’s position as a well-established food processing company in Hong Kong and further expand business operations with a view to creating long-term shareholders’ value.

The Group will continue to maintain and strengthen its relationship with existing customers.  The Group will seek to offer more tailor-made products and services to satisfy customers’ designated needs.  Further to strengthening the Group's established relationships with renowned customers and its reputation in the industry, the Group also aims to broaden its customer base into more restaurants and hotels.

Contact Information

Address: Unit 803, Riley House, 88 Lei Muk Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong.
Phone: +852 3521 1515
Fax: +852 3521 1510
E-Mail: info@winningtower.hk


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